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So you have this fantastic, never-before-thought-of idea for a product or service...

You see a need for it, you’re passionate about the cause behind it, you’re excited about the creation. And in this rush of passion and excitement, you get to work developing it.

You pour hours and hours into preparation, development, and production. You make tweaks and revisions until you can’t tweak and revise any longer. And when everything is to your liking, another rush of excitement comes in as you take the steps to put it up for sale...

And that’s when the excitement and anticipation start to dwindle and quickly turn into disappointment. You just aren’t getting as many sales as you had hoped.

You need a marketing plan. But not just any marketing plan. You need a visual marketing plan.

The 5 Steps of an
​Effective Visual Marketing Campaign

Module 1  |  Creating your visual marketing plan
Because every great campaign starts with proper planning, we’ll begin by outlining a marketing plan in Module 1. We’ll explore your current market, identify your target audience, set goals and objectives, outline a marketing budget, and develop a clever, appealing concept. All of which will come in handy throughout the remainder of the campaign as we carry your concept out to completion.

Module 2  |  Capturing high-quality photos
No marketing campaign would be complete without high-quality photos. So in Module 2, I’ll walk you through the basics of capturing effective, appealing photos for your shop images and promotional items. If you barely feel comfortable using the built-in camera on your iPhone, you’ll walk away from this lesson with several great images for your campaign and a lot more confidence behind the lens.

Module 3  |  Branding your campaign and designing shareable graphics
Once you’ve taken photos for your campaign, Module 3 will jump into the ins and outs of branding your visual content so it appears cohesive and professional. You’ll choose a color scheme and fonts, brainstorm ideas for engaging, shareable graphics, and develop them using simple, affordable design programs and resources.

Module 4  |  Producing engaging videos
Out of all the 3 forms of visual content we’ll cover in this course, video is often the most intimidating. However, it’s also the most engaging and effective for marketing your products and services. So with the help of great video resources like Animoto, I’ll walk you through how to create some simple videos for your campaign in Module 4. Not only will your audience find them more appealing, but you’ll discover that might really enjoy creating them!

Module 5  |  Developing a campaign strategy
Now that the planning and content creation is complete, it’s time to start promoting your visuals across all of your different marketing channels. In this last module, I’ll guide you through creating a campaign “home base,” choosing which outlets you’ll use and developing a strategy for each one, implementing a posting schedule, nurturing leads, and evaluating your results.​

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